Natural rejuvenation of the skin

At Extra Natura we trust nature. Nature offers us the excellent raw materials. Our technology integrates them into a comprejensive range of herbal cosmetics, effective in keeping the kin hydrated, vigorous, youthful, protected.

The exclusive line of face and body care prevents premature aging of the skin, improves facial contours and visibly reduces lines.

Natural ingredients containing plant cosmetics do not blick the pores of the skin and result in substantial, nutritious and moisturizing action.

The plant extracts containing our products keep the highest standards in their efficiency.

The basic principle that govers all of our products is their certification by approved bodies and their ingredients and their action. Therefore they have a complete approval dossier from the European Cosmetic Center with the CPNP Notification Number for each product and Certificates from QACS for:

  • Control of efficacy of preservatices
  • Stability study of products
  • Allergen Testing GC – MC
  • They do not contain animal – derived ingredients
  • Security check
  • They do not contain mutants
  • Experiments are not performed on animals